Environmental Policy


We want to tread lightly on the earth and are committed to improving the quality of the environment for our members, ourselves, and our families. 

  • As a business we strive to reduce the amount of paper we consume by using our website as the main point of information for our members along with email and social networks.
  • As individuals we are committed to using organic and sustainable gardening methods on our own land and peat free compost wherever possible.
  • Planting our flowers will increase the biodiversity of your garden and selling them to members of your local      community will increase the availability of beautiful, fragrant cut flowers which haven’t required large amounts of fossil fuels to transport them or chemicals to treat them.
  • We want to build a UK network of schools and others who are committed to sustainable organic gardening methods.

 Therefore we will actively encourage members of the Our Flower Patch community

  • to use recycled materials when carrying out activities
  • to make compost and to use peat free compost where it needs to be bought in
  • to use natural methods of controlling pests and diseases in the garden
  • to harvest rainwater and to use mulches to reduce the need for excessive water consumption
  • to provide habitats for wildlife in their gardens