firepit for children big sleepout

As you know, we think a garden is a great place to learn new things, work as a team, relax and unwind and get up close and personal with nature. Who said school gardens are just for school time? We like teaching our members a trick or two to make their own gardens come alive when the sun goes down and this week may be just the time to investigate how much fun you can have after dark, because it is the week of the Big Wild Sleepout. 

It's a fundraising opportunity organised by the RSPB but it's also an opportunity to work together to start developing your patch into the kind of space which could be used for occasional camping, evening or weekend activities. Who wouldn't want to sleep under the stars, surrounded by beautiful and fragrant flowers. And building a site for a campfire on Summer evenings might well have benefits for those winter afternoon gardening sessions in freezing temperatures when you want a bit of extra heat while you work.

If you're sleeping out in a school or community garden this week, do tweet us @ourflowerpatch and let us know using #bigwildsleepout


children lighting a firepit