Child reading a book in a school garden for Roald Dahl day Our Flower Patch

September is a special month for all fans of Roald Dahl and his stories for it is his birth month. Every year since 2006 there have been lots of events organised around September 13th, which is his birthday. (Sshh. This is Sara's birthday too, so double opportunity to celebrate!) 

Whether you dream of making your own flavoured chocolate, growing giant peaches or mixing up some marvellous medicine you'll find plenty of inspiration in the pages of his books and some of the raw ingredients in your school garden, if you're lucky enough to have one. We like to sneak plenty of herbs into our flower patch and the odd fruit bush for purposes such as these.  

A school flower patch can also form the basis of a beautiful space in which to create a 'reading garden' for lunchtime relaxation, class storytelling sessions or silent reading. And being close to nature is food for budding writers too. Dahl himself perfected his fabulous creations in a hut in his garden, surrounded by nature.

roald dahls writing hut

Why not fully embrace your creative side and plan a themed garden with your children?

Many of Roald Dahl's books would make suitable candidates but we also like the idea of a Harry Potter garden, a Tom's Midnight Garden and a Secret Garden.



If you decide to be creative in your school reading spaces we'd love to hear about your plans. Do let us know and we'll be sure to celebrate and share what you've achieved with our members.

You can find out about events to celebrate Roald Dahl Day here.


Roald-Dahl-magic quote Our Flower Patch

If you like this quote you can download it as a poster here from the Early Learning HQ.

We believe in magic!