primary school young enterprise business flower stall

Primary school flower stall, young business enterprise.

Global Entrepreneurship Week  this year runs from November 17th to 23rd.  It’s the world’s largest celebration of innovation and the innovators who launch “startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare." There are hundreds of activities organized across the world, designed to inspire global entrepreneurship.

Whilst we are not (yet) a global company, through Our Flower Patch we are helping our member schools to develop those skills in their young growers which are so vital for business and among entrepreneurs. It’s never too soon to encourage children to learn about growing, local produce, sustainability and taking care of the environment. And it’s never too soon to start nurturing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

From reception through to year 6, as well as getting plenty of fresh air and covering aspects of the curriculum in a creative way, Our Flower Patch members are learning vital skills which they will be able to build on in the future. In setting up and running a flower growing enterprise, pupils are learning

  • to be creative
  • to  resilient and stay positive in the face of difficulties
  • to work in a team
  • to lead others
  • to listen and understand
  • to overcome challenges
  • to present information
  • to be reflective
  • to design
  • to nurture
  • to work within a budget
  • to calculate costs and profit margins
  • to inform, promote and market
  • to keep customers happy
  • to solve problems

Education is about unlocking the potential in young people and we’re proud about the part that Our Flower Patch plays in helping teachers in this vital work.

primary school young enterprise business selling poppy seed packs 

Decorated packs of poppy seedballs for sale at a primary school.