There’s nothing better than spending time in a cut flower patch, sniffing the delicious smells of sweet peas, picking a few cornflowers for a jam jar next to your bed or watching the bees float from flower to flower collecting nectar. And if you have grown them yourself then the feeling is even better.  

Sadly this is happening less and less. The cut flower market is big business in the UK but did you know that only about 10% of the flowers sold in supermarkets, florists shops or from garage forecourts are actually grown here. We have some of the best growing conditions in the world and it’s time to start making use of our fabulous land to grow more flowers.

Here’s where you come in.

The good news is that it’s easy and it doesn’t cost a whole heap of money. What’s more, your flowers will be fresher, last longer in the vase and be more scented than almost anything you can pick up in the shops.

Not only that, but while they grow, your flowers will provide a habitat and food for a huge variety of bees, butterflies, bugs and birds. We all know how important that is.

With a little money and with some careful planning you can grow buckets and buckets of flowers for months on end to decorate your school and to sell to parents, teachers, and members of your community.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll show you, step by step how get your Our Flower Patch enterprise off to the best start, how to set up your patch, how to grow your flowers and care for them while they grow, what to do when, how to cut them and finally, how to arrange them. Together we have quite a few years’ experience of growing cut flowers and gardening with children. We’ll share our hints and tips with you every step of the way so that your patch not only inspires your young gardeners and pays for itself but managed well makes a profit.

The Our Flower Patch community will be ‘Inspiring a new generation of growers’ and helping to make beautiful, fragrant flowers available at an affordable price all over the country. We think so anyway and as you’re here, we hope you do too.

There’s plenty of advice for our members about starting off, choosing a suitable site for your patch, what you’ll need to acquire in the way of tools and equipment and the practicalities of flower growing with groups in school and elsewhere. As well as tons of curriculum linked activities to teach your groups practical skills in the garden.