Here on Our Flower Patch there are plenty of reasons to celebrate World Book Day today.

The Secret Garden

Firstly today’s the day Louise Curley’s new book The Cut Flower Patch is published. We can’t wait to get our hands on a signed copy. Some of you may know Lou from Twitter or from her informative blog.  If you want to start growing a cutting patch in your garden or on your allotment, this book could well become your flower growing bible.

Secondly, there’s a golden opportunity for sharing some flowery, garden based stories with our own children.

One of Sara's favourite books to share with her son Henry is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. She remembers enjoying it herself as a young child, enjoyed sharing it with her classes when she was teaching and now loves to read it to Henry. Sara wishes the caterpillars on her patch preferred chocolate cake and salami to her flower plants, but she does love the butterflies that are the end result. Henry love to see the bright colourful butterfly at the end of the book, and the ones that join them both at Sara's own flower patch.

Cally loves Tom’s Midnight Garden so much that she directed the stage play a couple of years ago. This magical tale of what happens when a clock strikes thirteen and a friendship is forged in a garden has inspired Cally’s love of gardens which come to life after dark. One day she is determined to plant her own midnight garden is an upcycled bed.

Unsurprisingly both Cally and Sara loved Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden in their youth. Sara remembers pretending to be Mary, the main character, when she was gardening as a young girl in her Nan’s garden. She would build dens with her brother and create mini gardens, pulling away the weeds to let the plants have room to grow. 

Here’s Cally’s blog about this children’s classic and why gardening is good for you.

We’re sure you have your own favourites. Why not tweet us and tell us about them?

Happy reading!