It's St George's Day. Come on, people of England! Your Celtic compatriots are streets ahead of you in celebrating their patron saints. Sara and I are both Welsh so you'll find us on St David's Day wearing a seasonal daffodil, eating Welsh cakes and enjoying a knees up at a Noson Lawen or singing at an eisteddfod. The English seem more reserved in their celebrations and my English husband is hardly likely to find a rose for his lapel today in our April garden.

As an alternative, let me offer you the promise of good things in the form of the humble snapdragon. (St George....Dragon. Did you see what I did there?) One of the seeds in our member's pack from Higgledy Garden is Snapdragon 'Puff the Magic Dragon'. We have sowed lots at school. It's fair to say we may have oversown. The seeds are so tiny it's easy to think that they can't possibly ALL germinate. Have faith. They do! Today to celebrate St George, we will be very carefully pricking them out into bigger modules. We should have plenty left over to sell at the Strawberry Fayre in a few weeks. This all helps with our fundraising to make the school garden group self financing, and gets us thinking about the financial responsibilities of running an eco business.

Snapdragons get their name because their flowers are said to look like the face of a dragon. If you squeeze their left and right sides together you can make the 'dragon's mouth' talk. Try it. They are great cut flowers and bees adore them. What's not to love? St George would be delighted that we are growing them in his honour.

Happy St George's Day. Sow snapdragons, eat scones and do some Morris Dancing.